Photo by Catherine

Sobriety & ‘growing up’ have given me a new approach

Fiction inspired by the journal of Kindred Black

Photo by Anthony Macajone

Building on pandemic epiphanies

How we talk ourselves into ignorance and peril

Photo by Kira Louw

How sobriety helped me embrace uncertainty

“…but inside, I’m evolving in ways I never expected.”

Photo by Gustavo Almeida from Pexels

From anxious-avoidant to secure

Photo by cottonbro

When it’s good, it’s GOOD

Photo by Oleg Magni

Living for the future, wasting today

Photo by Anna Shvets

Humans and our preconceived notions

Are we all racist?

Photo by Matheus Viana

Thoughts on making our way through intensity

Jemma Jorel

A thinking thot.

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